Silicone Dolls for Girls Male Sex Doll – Lukas 175cm

Silicone Dolls for Girls Male Sex Doll – Lukas 175cm


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Of late there are so many upcoming types of sex dolls. This brands and sorts can be confusing to a real individual who is willing to of this confusing type are the lifelike male sex dolls. Indeed what are this type of sex doll? A life-like sex doll is the somewhat astounding sex doll, which has genuine person’s face and body, particularly what is on a real man it got to have it Lifelike male sex dolls are the ideal for any lady who needs to enjoy a practical sexual affair without the bother of a real man.

In an intriguing new disclosure, we have planned lifelike male sex doll for women copies that can serve as your accomplice on those desolate evenings.
The dolls look stunningly like a real genuine man and are made so that a woman can pick what highlights she might want on him. She can even pick the extent of his penis, if he has abs and his body sort. The dolls likewise have an adaptable spine permitting them to be utilized for a scope of exercises and their pelvis is intended to move in reverse, forwards and in a here and there movement. In addition they are hand crafted and conveyed to the woman’s home.


Height: 175cm
Weight: 58kg
Bust: 100cm
Waist circumference: 81cm
Hip circumference: 97cm
Shoulder breadth: 50cm
Arm length: 51cm
Length of hand: 18cm
Long leg: 92cm
Long foot: 29cm


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